Ela não precisa de biblioteca: a assistente de cabeleireira.
Não é pegadinha. Trata-se de uma cabeleireira dos Estados Unidos que só lê livros da Amazon! A realidade é bem diferente da Brasileira onde a maioria da população sequer tem um bom acesso a Internet, mas não se preocupe, há outros exemplos no artigo que não se referem extamente à Tecnologia. Se há problemas de acesso lá, imaginem por aqui!

Illinois Libraries Matter

I love talking to people about what they’re reading.  I always apologetically preface my questions by explaining that I’m a librarian because I don’t think folks frequently talk about what they’re reading.  Lately, the service man who came to fix my stove shared that he likes to read biographies of sports and rock stars although he avoids the library because he just doesn’t have as much time to read as he used to (he works more hours than ever before).  The baseball dad who jump-started my battery told me that he liked to read Bill O’Reilly.  He doesn’t use the library, either.  Someday I’d like to spend some more time thinking about how to serve men and get them into the library, or conversely, serve them where they are.

But my most interesting recent conversation was with my hairdresser’s assistant who told me that she used to check out books…

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